Just Write Already!

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I’ve been thinking that I should sit down and write.  But I haven’t exactly had anything monumental to write about.  As if I need anything earth-shattering to write about.  After all, no one really reads these things anyway.  So I’m committing to writing something at least once every week.  I guess that this is my one time to do that this week.

So….what to write…what to write…

I think the problem is that there’s so much to write about, how do you narrow it down?  I spend so much time being outraged about things going on around me and an equal amount of time feeling helpless to do anything about it.  And everyone is already writing everything I want to say, why even bother writing anything more?

You get where I’m going with this, right?

So where is my heart?  Right now.  I guess I feel like I’m in transition.  I’ve got a full-time job that is admittedly just a job.  Don’t get me wrong.  It pays the bills and has great benefits including paying for my seminary.  And I love the people I work with.  But I’m not looking to do it for the rest of my days.

I am called to be a pastor.  Dang, it feels good to say that.  After so long of not knowing, it feels good to finally know.  But I also know I have to keep my full-time gig while I’m in school or at least until hubs and I get out of debt which is roughly for the next 18 months or until someone drops a sack of money on our doorstep (so yeah, 18 months).

But I’m also itching to preach again.  But I’ve also only ever preached once and it is still kind of terrifying, so there’s that.  But the terror I might have of preaching again may be moot as it is difficult to find somewhere to preach as a Baptist woman in central Texas.  I’m on two pulpit supply lists and have submitted my resume for a part-time associate pastor position who will be looking at all resumes in August and September.  A friend of mine has had her name on one of the pulpit supply lists for an entire year with zero calls.

For now, I’m going to work on getting some back pocket sermons ready just in case because I really do love the sermon prep process and found it to be very therapeutic.  I’ve decided to go ahead and look at some very well known Bible verses and stories and try to give them fresh takes.  Hopefully, God will open my eyes to them in a new way.

Peace and hope.

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