Read Harder Challenge Update: The Books


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I am participating in Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge for 2019.  In past years, I would set a goal that was just a random number of books I wanted to read for the year.  This challenge is meant to stretch you and push you out of your genre comfort zones in an effort to expand your horizons.  I don’t think I understood just how much it would stretch me and how specific the book categories would get.  Thankfully, there’s a Goodreads discussion group that helped out tremendously with suggestions.

My only stipulations were that I had to already own it or it had to be available at the library.  If there were multiple books within a category that were available, I mostly chose the shortest ebook.  With two classes this semseter, I don’t really have time to read a 600-page book.

Behold, my list!  Note: Struckthrough items are already read (Go me!)

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Reimagining Church: How Big Is Too Big?


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I’ve thought a lot about church for the last three years.  It all started with an evangelism class at seminary.  My end of semester paper was titled “Reimagining Church: What If We Ran Church Like an AA Meeting?”

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Grief and Its Effects


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One thing that you should know about me is my husband died by suicide almost four and a half years ago.  It is possibly the one event that has changed my life more than any other.  If you have been affected by suicide or the death of a spouse, you know that either of these things is traumatic on their own.  But to have both happen simultaneously is a heavy load to bear. Continue reading “Grief and Its Effects”

Preaching to an Unknown Congregation

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I’ve been asked to preach.  In a church, y’all.  The only other time I’ve preached is in preaching class to my professor, classmates, friends, and family, all of which friendly faces.

This Sunday I’ll be going to a little country church with my short hair, tattoos, and piercings to preach to a congregation that may or may not be fully affirming of women in the pulpit.  Continue reading “Preaching to an Unknown Congregation”

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