I’m the Clumsy Pilgrim, a.k.a. Kim.  I’m an introvert who loves to watch Baylor football, read, and hang out with Jason.  I love The Walking Dead, Bob’s Burgers, The Office, The I.T. Crowd, the better versions of Jane Eyre, and pretty much anything related to Jane Austen.

I’m currently in seminary pursuing my Master of Theological studies, but will soon be getting a Psychology degree in order to become a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor.  I have a heart for people in recovery as well as the people in their lives affected by their addiction.  I feel I’m being called to work with churches to establish recovery groups and also provide training to congregations about addiction and recovery.  I also desire to help families navigate the intervention process.  I have aspirations of being an author one day, likely something non-fiction because I’m far too literal to write descriptively.

The start of my seminary days was also the start of my personal humbling concerning what I thought I knew about God and the Bible.  I’ve been on a soul-wrenching journey ever since.  I would love for you to join me on my journey.  Hopefully we can help each other out along the way.

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